"Courage and curiosity, showing her life significantly, were there by which they existed in a man's world. After this book, no one will say that she had not been in
the right place as "Lady" in this international media world." -  Sabine Peschel Deutsche Welle 
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"For decades Thea Rosenbaum was the equivalence of German Televsion at the White House. Her American colleagues called her an institution. No German coorespondent enjoyed as much respect. No Place for a Lady is a page turning Tour d'Horizon through her personally experienced world history." - Fritz Pleitgen, former chairman WDR and ARD German Radio and Television
"No Place for a Lady, the story of Thea Rosenbaum  is the very description of lady liberty, our most American icon. I could not put the book down. It is compelling and personal. If you aspired to be a journalist, considered being a war coorespondent or were a veteran of Vietnam, Thea's journey will take you back to relive events in a way you've never seen before. With the well-earned distiction of being the most persistent and successful TV News producer in D.C. "no" has never been in Thea's vocabulary, and as you will learn, never will be." - Greg Franklin former U.S. Department of State and USIA TV producer and veteran of Vietnam
"Thea Rosenbaum is the "first" lady I ever got shot at with (on a dirt road in Cambodia) and she has lived a remarkable life. The little girl who grew up with doubts about herself in post-World War Two Germany went on to become a war coorespondent in Vietnam and eventually an influential member of the White House press corps. Her narrative style makes this book a page-turner. More important, No Place for a Lady, shows how this lady helped break down barriers in a way that makes the title tongue-in-cheek. You may not agree with all her life choices, but you will be in awe of this self-described "stubborn, tenacious go-getter." - Steve Bell Former ABC News Anchor, professor emeritus Ball State University  

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No Place for a Lady